Engagement Design

Strike a perfect balance between what’s great for your business and your community. Welcome to the world of immersive digital experiences!

Why Engagement Design?

Engagement Design is a human-centred methodology with the purpose of creating exceptional brand and digital experiences. By blending business-driven, strategic thinking with a creative, empathetic approach, you have the power to charm your community, skyrocket sales and leave a memorable impact.

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Engagement Design


Strategically designed branding gives you an edge over competitors and wins over your target audience. From conceptualization, strategy, and finally – logo design that encompasses it all, we create brands that reflect your community’s deepest desires.

Personas & Protopersonas
Naming & Claim
Brand Concept
Visual Identity
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Content Writing

SEO-friendly and delightful to read, content writing is an extension of your marketing efforts. Strike the perfect balance between what’s engaging your users and optimal for search engines to expand your customer base.

Information architecture
UX writing
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Discovery & Research

Adequate research and client workshops allow us to make better-informed creative decisions, revealing the full potential of your solution while cutting short any potential risks.

Client Workshops
Desk research
Competitive Analysis
Audience Research
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Communication Strategy

A well-planned and executed communication strategy guarantees a cohesive presence across all digital media. Charm any audience by appealing directly to their preferences!

Content Strategy
Community Ecosystem
Tone of Voice
Partners & Sponsors Engagement
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User Engagement

Just as the software requires maintenance, so does your users' engagement – that's why we verify, refine and optimise your digital solution to boost conversion rates even higher.

Engagement Audit
Content Architecture
Digital Engagement Paths
User Engagement Strategy
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Attract your community like a magnet.

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Meet our process

Whether you're interested in the full package or seeking any specific services, we tailor the Engagement Design process to fit your unique business requirements.

Discovery & Research
Right from the beginning of the project lifecycle, we dive deeply into your individual needs and the nature of your target audience. We kick things off with client workshops and conduct target audience research to unravel all the threads that lead to successful monetization.
Creating great digital products and concepts is rooted in strategic, research-based choices. Now, we get down to designing an all-encompassing brand or communication strategy that ticks off your business requirements while allowing room for creative exploration.
Let's get inventive! Be it an unforgettable landing page, a unique naming or a compelling brand strategy, engagement and design teams align perfectly with the creative direction and visual design to create immersive brand experiences.
Seems like the work is done... but why not aim even higher? Now, with your new product on the market, you have a golden chance to collect feedback directly from your actual users. With these valuable insights, you can further optimize user engagement and reach the stars!

What we can do for you

Brand Manual
The brand manual is a fundamental document which thoroughly outlines the brand strategy and communication principles. We hand it off along with the brand book, which presents its visual identity. Together, they become the ultimate guide of your branding, ensuring that all future specialists follow the same rules.
Engagement Guidelines
We deliver you a strategy on how to skyrocket the target audience's interest to achieve desired goals. Depending on the scope and desired results, we include a precise description of your community ecosystem, suggestions for increased user engagement, and a clear set of dos and don'ts.
Research report
After we conduct quantitative or qualitative research, we deliver a report that includes a description of the methodology, test subjects, results, implications, and limitations. The research report serves as a foundation to propose strategic solutions or choose between alternative approaches.
Content architecture wireframe
Before UX/UI designers create a hi-fi wireframe, we present you with simplified, content-oriented sketches of your website. This allows us to rapidly confront ideas with the stakeholders, and speed up the design process. With an impeccable content structure, your site is there to steal hearts!
SEO Copywriting
Good content not only has an informative and persuasive function, but also increases the visibility of your website in search results. We perfectly align the interests of your users with optimal SEO performance. By following your Tone of Voice, our content writers guarantee a coherent style.
UX Writing
UX writing is a key component of creating user-centred digital products. It goes hand-in-hand with intuitive user interfaces, improving navigation and making complex processes easy to follow. Provide your users with the information exactly when they need it to achieve your goals effectively.
case study image
Balanced visual identity and UX/UI for a forest management web app logo

Balanced visual identity and UX/UI for a forest management web app

After the success of BZB UAS’ Planner app, we were excited to work with them once again on another project – eForest. To capture eForest's unique value proposition, which perfectly balances technology and nature, we designed its visual identity, featuring a logo, colour palette and typography. 

Afterwards, we also handled UX/UI design for this cutting-edge web app. As that revolutionizes forest management through AI solutions, we strived to communicate its distinctive functionalities to target users (foresters) through an effective landing page.

They trusted our expertise

"Hero/dot was involved in
almost every major step of Capabox creation. Back- and Frontend, UX and UI, even
elements of strategy and marketing. I keep telling people around me that HeroDOT is one of the best
at their job in Poland. Need design and development? I would certainly recommend the company."
Parham Gohari Chief Executive Officer at Capabox

4 Key Principles of Engagement Design

Haven’t heard of this approach before? No wonder! It has been created right here, at hero/dot, to satisfy all your creative needs within a single software agency.

Learn more about Engagement Design and contact us for more details!

Your target audience is more than just a collection of numbers. Every download or sale is a uniquely human experience. Specialized tools, such as in-depth user interviews or community ecosystems, allow us to gain a deep understanding of their needs, motivations and behaviours.
We place our client at the heart of the approach. Whether you like to be actively involved or trust in our expertise, our mission is to deliver a solution that exceeds your expectations through meeting your success criteria. As consultants, we educate teams and organizations on how to effectively engage their digital communities.
We combine content marketing, branding, UX research and creative direction skill sets. Additionally, our business analysts and product designers back us up with their best research and design techniques. Through this synergy of different areas of expertise, we gain the confidence to produce truly successful creations.
We strive for a perfect balance between your target audience’s motivations and your business goals. By seamlessly fusing the user’s point of view with a strategic approach, we help you achieve improved user engagement and explore possibilities for new streams of revenue. Each action starts with a simple question: how does it benefit both the user and our client?
Leszek ZarembaCEO
Ready to level up your digital solution with Engagement Design?Leszek is here to answer any of your questions and develop a solution that works for your business. Let’s get in touch and make it happen!