User Engagement

Fuel your growth by transforming engaged users into loyal customers and, ultimately, brand ambassadors.

Why is user engagement essential for your business?

Continuous improvement

Investing in our User Engagement service is the first bold step on a path to proactive maintenance of your digital experience. Together, we will ensure that your product or service remains up-to-date, relevant, and capable of meeting the changing needs of your users.

Increased customer loyalty

The key to creating products that are stickier than honey lies in developing the right engagement strategy. Satisfied and engaged customers are more likely to stick with your brand, share their positive experiences, and effectively become advocates for your product.

Boosted engagement metrics

Feel like your digital solution is lagging behind? An Engagement Audit can pinpoint the exact root of the problem by analysing relevant engagement metrics. Moreover, regular check-ups help maintain consistent service quality, contributing to long-term success.

Smooth monetization

Through mapping digital engagement paths and proposing an optimized content architecture, we can transform your conversion funnel into a highway to the land of smooth monetization and increased revenue.

Digital experience optimization

The digital landscape constantly evolves, and so do user preferences. Only by properly testing, maintaining and upgrading your digital solution can you achieve high user engagement metrics over longer periods of time

Clear engagement guidelines

At the conclusion of the process, we provide a detailed report from the Engagement Audit, along with recommendations in the form of Engagement Guidelines. Together, they offer actionable insights for increasing user engagement according to your success criteria.


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User engagement services

What does the process look like?

Engagement audit

All creative solutions should be rooted in a thorough diagnosis of the problem. That’s why we begin the process with a comprehensive analysis of relevant engagement metrics, audit of your website or app's content, and assessment of its information architecture.

User engagement metrics

User engagement encompasses various attitudes and behaviours, such as watching, liking, or subscribing. Lucky for us, each of these can be easily quantified with mathematical formulas to assess solution performance.

Conversion Rate
This measures the percentage of users who have completed a desired action, for example, making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.
Retention Rate
Customer retention represents the percentage of engaged users who continue to use a product or service over a specific period, indicating ongoing satisfaction.
Time on Page
Also known as session duration, this metric determines the average time spent on a specific web page, aiding businesses with identifying which content or features are more attractive to their users.
Monthly Active Users (MAU)
An active user is someone who regularly and actively participates in a digital experience. The number of unique active users can be measured using various time frames, like daily or weekly active users.
Click-Through Rate (CTR)
Similarly to conversion rate, CTR calculates the percentage of users who click on a call to action (CTA) or a link, demonstrating the effectiveness of a given message.
Unique Visitors
This is used to measure how many individual users visit a website or app within a specific period, helping to assess audience size.
case study image
User-centred design and development of a web mentoring app logo

User-centred design and development of a web mentoring app

Working with Capabox, a startup targeting GCC countries, we handled branding, product design and development of an online mentoring application. Since the platform’s appeal lies in interpersonal communication between mentors and mentees, we took a user-centred, holistic approach. With core features like matching, communication and skill tracking, we made sure the product matches our client’s business requirements.

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