Research & Discovery

Propel your project toward commercial success with reliable data in hand and feel empowered to make well-informed creative decisions.

Why is research & discovery essential for project success?

Strategic decision-making

Discovery forms the fundamental basis for proposing strategic solutions or choosing between alternative approaches. Equipped with the latest data and knowledge-based recommendations, you can confidently chart a course for project success.

Concept validation

Through client workshops, we delve deep into your business idea, uncovering its full potential. This exploration is essential for validating initial assumptions and identifying what makes your project unique, engaging, and, most importantly, profitable.

Cost efficiency

Investing time and resources in research at the project's outset is a cost-effective strategy. A comprehensive examination of your business idea pays off in the long run by reducing the need for expensive revisions and cutting short potential risks.

Tailored to your needs

The depth of our research depends entirely on your preferences. For smaller companies with limited resources, we recommend an approach that combines quantitative or qualitative data with the professional expertise and intuition of engagement designers.

Competitive edge

We meticulously analyse the competitive landscape to identify what sets your project apart. This analysis helps strategically position your project within the market or industry, and catch your target audience hook, line, and sinker.

Stakeholder alignment

Establishing a shared understanding of goals, expectations, and success criteria early on minimizes the likelihood of misunderstandings or conflicts during later project phases. Let’s foster a collaborative working environment united by a common vision!


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Research & discovery services

What does the process look like?


We always say that a well-crafted brief marks the initial step toward success in creative projects. To commence, we request a short document introducing us to your idea. We then fuse these client insights with desk research, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of your project.

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Troubleshooting low conversion rates with a user-centred approach logo

Troubleshooting low conversion rates with a user-centred approach

Noclegi, an international accommodation booking platform, faced low conversion rates in Poland. To identify the root of the problem, we conducted 20 in-depth user interviews. They revealed underlying weaknesses and recurring issues with Noclegi’s platform from the users’ perspective. This newly gained understanding helped us to devise an actionable improvement plan that prioritised a human-centred approach.

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