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Strike the perfect balance between what's engaging for your users and what’s optimal for search engines.

Why is expert content writing great for your business?

Search engine optimization

Our copywriting approach aligns user interests with SEO best practices, enhancing your website's visibility and driving organic traffic. Take our word for it; well-optimised content serves as a long-term investment in the online discoverability of your brand.

Improved user experience

Clear and concise UX Writing is a cherry on top of the user-friendly UX/UI design of your product. Our well-crafted microcopy reduces confusion, enhances usability, and makes user navigation smoother than silk.

Time and cost savings

Before putting pen to paper, our engagement designers establish the information architecture. This streamlined process saves you time and money by providing a clear content-oriented layout for the design team to work on, resulting in well-integrated websites and apps.

Compelling narratives

By weaving absorbing narratives that align with your brand identity, we are able to attract and retain the attention of your readers. This storytelling approach humanizes your brand, making it more approachable, relatable, and memorable.

Holistic approach

At hero/dot, we believe that the graphic and written elements must work harmoniously for a positive user experience. Our holistic approach to content writing, combined with UX/UI considerations, results in a harmonious fusion of visuals and text.

Higher conversion rate

Persuasive copywriting combined with clear microcopy and search engine visibility enhance the likelihood that visitors will take desired actions. Investing in these elements collectively makes gliding through your conversion funnel as effortless as breathing.


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Engagement Designer

Content writing services

What does the process look like?


Before getting creative, we start by thoroughly reviewing existing documents such as the brand manual, tone of voice, content marketing strategy, and research report. This initial step ensures a deep understanding of your voice, style, and objectives.

Content writing vs. UX writing

The two content writing services often get confused due to shared competencies like excellent writing, creativity, and research skills. Let's clarify the distinctions between content writing and UX writing once and for all.

Content writers can contribute before, during, or after product design and still produce cohesive, quality content. In contrast, UX writers should be involved from the start in the design team to provide valuable written input.
Content writers excel in descriptive and contextual content, while UX writers favour concise, direct, and action-oriented copy. UX writers may adjust the brand's tone of voice for precision, while content writers must adhere to established rules.
Content writers specialize in longer forms like web content, blog articles, and social media posts. On the flip side, UX writers focus on microcopy (navigation labels, CTAs) and macrocopy (notifications, confirmation pages).
UX writers craft content that facilitates user navigation and interaction with digital products. Content writers, on the other hand, prioritize informing, entertaining, and engaging the target audience while considering on-page SEO for better results.
case study image
Redefining industry standards with online casino’s design logo

Redefining industry standards with online casino’s design

Kosmonaut, a licensed online casino, asked hero/dot to design its branding and guide its launch. We pushed our creative limits to deliver a space-themed visual identity that is both flashy and subdued, revealing and mysterious. Inspired by the exciting visuals, we moved on to crafting the brand’s marketing strategy for successfully launching the casino and boosting engagement.

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