Elevate your brand above competitors by cultivating a strong brand identity that deeply resonates with your community.

How can you benefit from unique branding?

Distinctive brand positioning

In a crowded market, branding is the one thing that makes you stand out. It allows you to communicate what makes your business unique and why customers should choose you, as well as carve out a distinctive position in the competitive landscape.

Strategic alignment

Effective branding goes beyond aesthetically pleasing visual identity. It's a strategic plan that supports your business goals and aligns perfectly with the desires of your target audience through its uniqueness, message, and values.

Improved marketing efforts

Building an authentic brand presence that attracts loyal customers requires time and resources. Only when combined with a proper digital marketing strategy and consistent communication effort, can your brand become instantly recognizable and truly magnetic.

Increased brand recognition

A well-crafted and consistently applied brand identity, including logos, colours, and messaging, makes your business more memorable. Simply put, this increases the likelihood of your brand being chosen over the competition when it’s time to commit to a purchase.

Cohesive brand messaging

Precise brand guidelines in the manual ensure all creative professionals, such as graphic designers or copywriters, follow the same rules. In turn, communication that is consistently on-brand results in a corporate image that is recognizable in a heartbeat.

Loyal customer base

As engagement designers, we believe there's no one-size-fits-all brand strategy that will resonate with everybody. Instead, its uniqueness, personality, and values should click with a specific community – just like two missing puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together.


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What does the process look like?

Research & brief

We kick things off by asking you to complete the creative brief to help us better understand your vision and project objectives. Following that, we conduct market research and suggest tweaks to the initial brand positioning. With a keen focus on the brand’s community ecosystem, we also create personas representing potential customers.

Branding glossary

In the branding process, you’re likely to encounter professional terminology. Without further ado, let's explore the meaning behind some essential brand-related terms.

Naming & claim
Naming involves creating a unique, memorable name for a brand, product, or service. Correspondingly, the claim is a clear, concise statement that encapsulates the brand’s essence or values. It's commonly used in marketing and advertising to foster brand recognition and awareness.
Brand archetype
Brand archetype refers to the human characteristics and personality traits attributed to a brand to create a relatable and authentic identity. It personifies the brand in a way that is intuitively understandable to all, regardless of their marketing knowledge, making it easier to connect with customers in a meaningful way.
Mission & vision
A company’s vision statement answers the question, “What is our big idea?”. It paints a picture of the world the company aspires to build, outlining long-term goals and future purpose. Simultaneously, a mission statement defines specific actions taken to fulfill this vision.
Brand values
A brand’s values are the core principles, beliefs, and behaviours that define the organization’s culture and guide its actions. These values should be authentic, meaningful and distinguishable in order to resonate with the intended target audience.
case study image
Balanced visual identity and UX/UI for a forest management web app logo

Balanced visual identity and UX/UI for a forest management web app

After the success of BZB UAS’ Planner app, we were excited to work with them once again on another project – eForest. To capture eForest's unique value proposition, which perfectly balances technology and nature, we designed its visual identity, featuring a logo, colour palette and typography. 

Afterwards, we also handled UX/UI design for this cutting-edge web app. As that revolutionizes forest management through AI solutions, we strived to communicate its distinctive functionalities to target users (foresters) through an effective landing page.

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