Custom web development

Get a complex web application that serves as a powerful tool for your organization, or create a website that boosts customer satisfaction.

Why is custom web development great for your business?

Leverage competitive advantage

Provide your organization with specialized tools and unique functionalities not available in shelf software that your competitors may use.

Suited to your needs

Get software that is tailored to any of your business needs: marketing, customer service, internal process improvement or any other. It’s highly customisable and company-specific.

Scalability & integration

Custom web applications can be easily scaled up or down as your business grows or changes. It’s also possible to integrate them with existing software, such as CRM or ERP.

Increases efficiency

Automate time-consuming tasks and focus on what’s truly important for your business. Save time and resources that could otherwise be wasted.

Data collection & management

Collect, store, analyse, and manage data, including customers preferences and behaviours, to make better-informed decisions or get business insights.

Control & security

Developed with proven and tested technologies, even the most complex web application is reliable and secure. With full control over codebase, you can avoid various risks lurking on the internet.


Kamil Rzeźnicki

Chief Technology Officer

Custom web development services

How do we develop your custom software?

Strategy & Analysis

Our analysts rapidly audit your specific requirements, presenting you with a customized, individual approach. We use this information to create a detailed proposal that outlines the scope of the project, its features and functionalities.

case study image
Award-winning website for a leading football club logo

Award-winning website for a leading football club

Legia Warszawa, a professional Polish football club, approached hero/dot with the goal to build a new website and meet the demands of its fan community. As most users accessed the website from portable devices, Legia Warszawa opted for mobile-friendly solutions

With a focus on exclusive content, fan engagement and a responsive web design, we developed a new site that was both attractive and appealing. The final result helped build up the brand image and win the Mobile Trends Award in the RWD category.

Custom web development toolbox

We use programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, C#, SQL and HTML (markup language), to develop first-class web apps or websites.

Safe choice for building user interfaces for both web and mobile applications. It improves the overall performance, by ensuring a dynamic rendering of components, load time and indexing of pages by search engines’ crawlers.
Great for building interactive and composable user interface components. Lightweight and easy to integrate with existing projects, it provides a smooth and reactive experience.
The perfect platform for creating large-scale, high-maintenance cross-platform applications that run on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Its usage increases security and scalability.
Popular JavaScript runtime environment that helps to execute code on the server-side. Particularly well-suited for dynamic, real-time applications, such as collaborative tools.
This framework uses a component-based architecture and helps us build complex, large scale applications. We use it to achieve the highest possible speed and scalability.

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