Pre-Implementation Analysis

Achieve a thriving software project by directing your time, energy, and budget towards activities that have the highest potential for success. Build your vision of a system without any code!

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What are the benefits of pre-implementation analysis?

Understand your project

Aligning diverse requirements can be as challenging as assembling a complex puzzle. By clearly defining project objectives and specifications, we foster understanding and collaboration, setting the stage for unified success.

Improve Return of Investment (ROI)

At the heart of every project lies the desire for a remarkable return on investment. Our analysis paves the way for improved ROI by optimizing costs, mitigating risks, and enhancing efficiency.

Cost estimation accuracy

Our meticulous pre-implementation analysis results in precise cost estimations. With accurate figures in hand, you can confidently allocate resources and make informed financial decisions.

Streamline implementation

Whether you choose to continue collaborating with us or explore other service providers, we are committed to delivering a full-fledged analysis. Let’s equip you with everything you need to start a software project!

Budget optimization

We go beyond the surface, uncovering hidden opportunities that provide an advantage to your project's budget. See the remarkable difference for yourself, and stretch your resources further than you thought possible.

Risk mitigation

We take a proactive stance on risk management, meticulously identifying potential pitfalls before they become roadblocks. Let’s equip you with effective strategies to anticipate and address disruptions.

Set path for timely delivery

Time is of the essence, and our analysis serves as a compass, guiding you towards timely completion. With a clear project roadmap, you can confidently schedule deadlines and exceed expectations.

Scalability planning

The future holds infinite possibilities, and our analysis ensures your project is prepared for growth. We'll help you envision the bigger picture and develop scalable strategies that lay a strong foundation for expansion.


Mariusz Szefer

President at GSBK

The essential elements of a pre-implementation analysis

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How do we deliver a successful pre-implementation analysis?


Right from the start, it’s crucial to understand the perspective of our client, and so we collect a set of documents regarding the project. Next, a Business Analyst researches potential solutions to explore what kind of system we can build around that.

case study image
Cloud transformation of a web price comparison engine logo

Cloud transformation of a web price comparison engine is a Polish fintech startup that helps consumers find the best deals on phone, internet, electricity, and gas bills. To build a scalable SaaS solution, we led the migration from third-party servers to Microsoft Azure, a top cloud provider in finance, and .NET for efficient backend development. Our team also handled product design, making subtle design touches coherent with Rachuneo's visual identity.

Discover our collaborative approach

How do we bring your vision of a system to life without writing any code? Our multidisciplinary team of experts works collaboratively to ensure that the final result meets your specific needs and requirements.

Project Manager
The project manager's role ensures that the project is well-planned, well-executed, and successfully delivered to the client. Their key responsibilities are overseeing the entire process, establishing clear communication channels, and preparing a comprehensive roadmap.
Business Analyst
A must-have in any software project estimation, they moderate the workshops, ensuring that all business requirements are gathered and documented. Then, they use this invaluable information to identify opportunities for improvement and translate them into functional specifications.
Tech Lead
The Tech Lead plays a vital role in ensuring the success of a project. They validate technical requirements, providing guidance and oversight. Their knowledge of the system's architecture and potential solutions helps them identify and address risks, issues, or dependencies that arise during the project.
The success of a pre-implementation analysis greatly relies on the client's active participation, as they are considered essential stakeholders. Your engagement, relevant insights, and unique perspective are invaluable in shaping the analysis until it’s completed to your satisfaction.

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