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Why are mobile apps great for your business?

Available in App Store & Google Play

When you develop cross-platform mobile apps, your product can run on iOS and Android, and you can download it from both marketplaces. That means higher brand visibility, and more potential users.

Increase sales

Your users value their convenience and tend to prefer in-app shopping. As a result, global spending on mobile apps continually increases. Monetize your community’s preferences and increase revenue.

Launch your MVP

Ready to start your business? Develop your mobile app's first Minimum Variable Product, and launch it quickly to the market. After gathering users' feedback, you can refine it with new iterations, features or updates.

Boost engagement & loyalty

Engage the community in your brand’s experience with customisable push notifications, in-app messaging, exclusive content, reward systems, and more. Adittionally, you can collect reliable data on what your users love the most!

Accessible offline

Mobile applications store data on devices rather than on servers. As a result, they function properly even without internet access, or when the network connection is unstable. If you need to ensure non-stop online customer service, consider developing a mobile app!

Enhance offline experiences

Your possibilities to take real-life customer service to the next level are limitless with apps. From everyday purchases in stores and restaurants to events like festivals and match days – it works great for many businesses that mostly operate offline.


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How do we develop your mobile app’s MVP?

Reseach & Analysis

MVP, or a Minimum Variable Product, is the first version of your mobile app that includes key features and functionalities. We can validate your ideas with a competitive analysis of similar applications, determine market gaps with target audience research, and propose a detailed outline of technical scope.

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A complete internal communications application in 1,5 months logo

A complete internal communications application in 1,5 months

Share is a European grocery brand that provides sustainable food and care products while also donating to those in need. Our client needed mobile app development to help sales assistants promote Share's mission. 

A 1.5-month project delivered a functional app on time, aiding our client in securing partnerships and successfully familiarizing dm-drogerie markt employees with Share products. Currently, the app runs on 16,000 devices with almost 100% crash-free sessions.

5 reasons why our developers recommend Flutter

With this open-source cross-platform app framework, development for mobile operating systems, the web or desktops is quicker and simpler. Learn how to use its advantages to your profit.

Multiple platforms
Thanks to a single code base for various platforms, apps written with Flutter are accessible on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets with iOS, Android) and desktops (Windows, macOS, Linux). The results? Quicker development process, low cost, maximum exposure.  
Suitable for MVP’s
If you have limited time and resources, this is your safe choice. While native app development for iOS and Android is likely to cost you an arm and a leg, Flutter cuts these expenses in half. Additionally, it’s efficient and relatively easy to use, resulting in a faster development process. That makes it a convenient option for startups.
Complies code to native
With Dart programming language, the code is transformed ahead of time into native code for iOS and Android rather than interpreted at runtime. As a result, the performance is higher compared to React Native, which uses a JavaScript bridge.
Flutter works similarly to a game engine. It uses the same technology, but it is cut out for the applications. Due to graphics running up to 120 fps, customisable widgets and superb rendering, we opt for this lightweight, efficient solution.
Speeds up code writing
Flutter has been created for reusing and editing code faster. Thanks to a hot reload feature, we can make changes and see the results immediately, as the application keeps on running. It also supports code testing and debugging. Because of that, Flutter can speed up the development process.

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