Software Maintenance & IT Support

Ensure your digital solution provides non-stop value and set the course for future growth.

Why is software maintenance & IT Support important for your business?

Optimal performance

Ensure the IT infrastructure operates efficiently, reducing the likelihood of system failures. And in case any technical issues arise, rest assured they will be resolved swiftly. Proactively addressing disruptions provides a guarantee that the system functions as intended.

Safety first

In the ever-changing digital world, cybersecurity becomes even more sophisticated. Protect sensitive data and company reputation by keeping your software product up-to-date with security patches, as well as troubleshooting existing problems.

Bug fixes

Bugs or errors are inevitable in software development, even though we handle its execution with extreme care and attention to detail. To ensure that your application runs smoothly and simply stands the test of time, IT Support specialists come to the rescue!

Improve customer experience

Responsive help desk services enhance user satisfaction, fostering a positive image of a company as reliable and attentive. After all, better user experience not only leads to increased productivity but also boosts conversion rates.

Non-stop value

Keep your business on track and ensure continuous operations, minimizing overall costs associated with potential system failures. Ongoing IT supporst saves time and resources that could otherwise be wasted during downtime.


To remain competitive in the fast-paced world of changing business needs and technological advancements, software mainenance becomes essential. Proactively enhancing system capabilities extends the lifespan of your software solution.


Mateusz Janowicz

DevOps & IT Support Specialist

What’s the difference?

case study image
Balanced visual identity and UX/UI for a forest management web app logo

Balanced visual identity and UX/UI for a forest management web app

After the success of BZB UAS’ Planner app, we were excited to work with them once again on another project – eForest. To capture eForest's unique value proposition, which perfectly balances technology and nature, we designed its visual identity, featuring a logo, colour palette and typography. 

Afterwards, we also handled UX/UI design for this cutting-edge web app. As that revolutionizes forest management through AI solutions, we strived to communicate its distinctive functionalities to target users (foresters) through an effective landing page.

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