Visual Identity

Boost the brand’s visibility with a strong visual identity that is perfectly aligned with your core message and strategy.

Why is a well-designed visual identity great for your business?

Differentiate from competitors

Stand out from other businesses in the industry with a unique digital presence. While some rely on overused logo templates, your brand's visual identity reflects the individual vision and strategy.

Brand recognition

Improve brand visibility by creating a consistent and identifiable image. See how leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your users and business partners increases brand recognition on the market.

Modern yet timeless

Let’s strike the right balance between following trends and sticking to proven practices. Stay ahead of the curve with a balanced logo design that is both modern and stands the test of time.

Foster trust

Form a strong bond with your target audience through a consistent visual identity that clearly conveys both brand values and messages. Memorable, meaningful communication leads to increased customer loyalty.

Improve marketing efforts

A distinctive logo, colour pallet and typography are essential components of content marketing strategy across all platforms. Unify your brand's narrative with consistent visual language.

Reflect your growth

Want to make a strong first impression with the launch of a new brand? Or maybe you’re looking for an energizing rebranding? Either way, a new or improved visual identity is what marks the next big step on your journey.


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Graphic Designer

Visual identity services

How do we approach designing Visual Identity?


Before pen meets paper, designers familiarize themselves with the creative brief prepared by the engagement team. Your communication is at its most effective when all the visual elements of your brand identity are perfectly aligned with the brand's overall message.

case study image
Redefining industry standards with online casino’s design logo

Redefining industry standards with online casino’s design

Kosmonaut, a licensed online casino, asked hero/dot to design its branding and guide its launch. We pushed our creative limits to deliver a space-themed visual identity that is both flashy and subdued, revealing and mysterious. Inspired by the exciting visuals, we moved on to crafting the brand’s marketing strategy for successfully launching the casino and boosting engagement.

Main principles of Visual Identity design

Creating a good visual identity for a client is a collaborative process. We base our creative process on a deep understanding of your business, strategy and creative vision.

Full control
When it comes to finalizing the visual identity, our team provides you with a variety of options. Whether you prefer to make the decision yourself or trust in our expertise, you can rest assured that the visual identity perfectly aligns with your vision.
A strong visual identity is more than just an element of brand strategy – it’s a driving force behind it. That’s why our designers take a strategic approach, cooperating closely with the engagement team to guarantee you increased visibility.
Rebranding and redesigning are essential steps in your journey, as you take on new challenges and reach new heights. Let us support you in this process, as we set the stage for future success with a visual identity that reflects your company’s growth.
A great logo is adaptable to any medium. Let us create for you a visual identity that stays consistently strong across all marketing efforts. Whether it’s on a business card or your company’s main page, you can be sure your brand personality shines through every touchpoint.

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