User Experience Design

Create enjoyable experiences for your users and navigate them to the conversion point with flawless efficiency.

Why is functional UX design great for your business?

Smooth conversions

Intuitive user flow works like a map for your users. It guides them through every step of the way, right to the final interaction. Monetize all those smooth conversions, and see your initial investment pay off!

Clear information architecture

Get streamlined solutions that are both efficient and effective. With no obstacles in their way, your end user can effortlessly find the information they are looking for.

Reduce development cost and time

Our UX designers and developers have a lot of experience cooperating with each other. Thanks to mutual understanding, we easily avoid constant reworks or redesigns.

Boost retention

Keep your audience engaged by providing easy navigation and valuable content. A positive experience has the power to motivate the user to visit your platform time and time again.

Customer satisfaction

UX designer’s goal is to create more enjoyable experiences for your audience. Whether it’s through improving usability, navigability, or interactivity, we’ll find a way to make a lasting impression.

Enhance content

Let’s combine user-centred design with clear UX writing to create content that is engaging, concise and easy to read. The collaboration between our design and engagement teams ensures a positive user experience.


Ola Andruszków

UX/UI Designer

User experience design services

How do we approach User Experience Design?


Your wants and needs are at the centre of the design process. That’s why we outline your project’s specific requirements and objectives in one document. Our experts then gather insights about the market, potential users and competitors in order to create a tailored solution that exceeds your expectations.

case study image
Balanced visual identity and UX/UI for a forest management web app logo

Balanced visual identity and UX/UI for a forest management web app

After the success of BZB UAS’ Planner app, we were excited to work with them once again on another project – eForest. To capture eForest's unique value proposition, which perfectly balances technology and nature, we designed its visual identity, featuring a logo, colour palette and typography. 

Afterwards, we also handled UX/UI design for this cutting-edge web app. As that revolutionizes forest management through AI solutions, we strived to communicate its distinctive functionalities to target users (foresters) through an effective landing page.

Main principles of User Experience Design

What works best for us is a time-saving and cost-efficient approach that puts your business and users first.

Fully digital
To maximize speed and efficiency, our UX designers opt for a fully digital creative process. Crafting wireflows and wireframes in Figma allows for task automation, easier revisions and smooth cooperation in real-time.
Whether you’re developing a simple one-page website or a complex multi-level platform, our focus is always on the main objective. We strive for a dynamic and seamless human-computer interaction that keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.
Our approach to designing your product is centred on cost-effectiveness by minimizing the need for expensive reworks. In a streamlined process of transforming wireflows into wireframes and then prototypes, we’re able to put our UX solutions to the test at each stage.
A sure-fire way to improve overall user experience design is to gather insights about your target audience. Tools such as user research, user personas and user journeys help us empathize with their needs and wants and identify pain points.

FAQs answered by our UX Designer

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