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Hero/dot is the ultimate destination for creating digital products that turn into profit. Our multidisciplinary team of experts combines creativity and technical skills to transform your business ideas into a success story.

How can you benefit from all-in-house digital product design?

Commercial success

Hardly anyone creates great products for purely altruistic reasons. Disclose your business goals and strategy during product workshops, and see how each decision within the project serves one purpose: meeting your success criteria.

Refine your ideas

Make your new business endeavour shine brightly with a Unique Value Proposition. Thanks to competitive analysis and target audience research, we uncover market gaps and propose profitable tweaks to your initial concept.

Flywheel effect

Attract, engage and delight your customers by thinking long-term from the very beginning. We implement elements of business and marketing strategy to our product design projects, planning small wins that in turn perpetuate clicks, taps and downloads. 

Holistic approach

Digital product design is a team effort. Our business, engagement, design and development experts work together to breathe life into your brand-new digital product. As a result, we cover all your business needs in one place, saving you time and money.

Avoid costly errors

We pay impeccable attention to validating new ideas for successful products at the early stages of the design process. From user research, and rapid prototyping of user interfaces, to choosing the right technology stack, we anticipate problem-solving by cutting short any hanging threads.

Beautiful and functional

High usability and aesthetic value can win over even the most reluctant customers. During the user interface design process, we appreciate your opinions and ask for feedback. In turn, we deliver you a product that is both practical and visually stunning.

"At hero/dot, we take a comprehensive approach to digital product design, covering
all your needs from start to finish. Our team’s diverse range of capabilities, including
UX/UI design, business analysis and engagement services, complete with a
user-centred perspective makes for a winning combination. Share your vision with us and...
let’s make it happen!"

Digital product design services

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Idea & Concept

In the ideation phase, we focus on making your product vision a digital reality, regardless of whether you have a specific plan or a general concept in mind. During the client workshops and throughout the next stages of the process, your initial idea undergoes iterative refinement to produce the best possible solution.

case study image
User-centred design and development of a web mentoring app logo

User-centred design and development of a web mentoring app

Working with Capabox, a startup targeting GCC countries, we handled branding, product design and development of an online mentoring application. Since the platform’s appeal lies in interpersonal communication between mentors and mentees, we took a user-centred, holistic approach. With core features like matching, communication and skill tracking, we made sure the product matches our client’s business requirements.

How to design successful products?

By tapping into design thinking, our digital product designers engineer innovative solutions that click with your end user.

Empathy lies at the heart of user-centred design. That’s why we value gaining a deeper understanding your potential customer’s needs and wants from the get-go. Using a variety of tools, such as user personas, target audience research and user journey, we strive for a seamless and delightful user experience.
We take all that valuable information, analyse it from a business perspective and synthesize it into objectives. Through challenging assumptions and pinpointing underlying problems, we refine the initial idea and come out victorious with a winning concept for your product’s MVP.
No idea is set in stone. Even before they start creating sketches and wireframes, our product designers let their ingenuity shine. During brainstorming sessions that buzz with sparks of creativity, the team explores different concepts, directions and visual styles in accordance with your branding.
Prototyping is an experimental process that requires thinking outside the box. To uncover the most fitting approach and eliminate usability issues, our designers create wireflows and low fidelity prototypes. They act as scaled-down, inexpensive blueprints for the final hi-fi user interface solution.
Design thinking inspires us with the idea of iterative testing and refinement. The launch of the minimum viable product is a unique opportunity to further empathize with your audience, redefine problems, ideate potential solutions and prototype them in order to reach new heights.

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