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Cloud transformation of a web price comparison engine

To build Rachuneo’s scalable SaaS solution, we led the migration from third-party servers to Microsoft Azure, a top cloud provider in finance, and .NET for efficient backend development. 
Hero/dot case study
CategoryCustom Web Development, Cloud&Data
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ScopeWeb application, Cloud Migration, Product Design

Client, a Polish fintech startup, has been developed with a mission to help find the best deals for phone, internet, electricity, and gas bills. The first milestone of our long-term cooperation featured a cloud infrastructure and thorough backend clean-up to prepare it for further dynamic development.

To construct this scalable SaaS solution efficiently, we’ve chosen Microsoft Azure (a leading cloud provider in the finance industry) and .NET for efficient backend development. Most importantly, we took full responsibility for this custom web development process, allowing our client to rest assured that the scope would be delivered efficiently and on the dot. 


Our client,, aims to scale up to an enterprise level by filling a niche in the finance market. Being on the move from third-party servers to its own venue, we rebuilt and rewrote a cloud infrastructure basically from scratch. The nature of their comparison platform required high stability and scalability to accommodate the increased workload. To protect sensitive payment data from potential threats, robust security features were in place. 

Hero/dot took full responsibility for the development process, handling the cloud-based infrastructure, front-end and back-end. Simultaneously, our Product Designer began operating on the user interface, reorganising the design system and providing key touches aiming to tweak the user flow. This approach allowed us to deliver top-quality software, and meet our client’s success criteria. 



Full Stack Developer

Project Manager



UX/UI Designer

Product Designer


We led’s migration from third-party servers to a scalable cloud-based SaaS, rewriting the code from outdated technologies to fresh and stable frameworks.

  • Product Design. After conducting client workshops (establishing targets, common obligations, resources and threats), we based our work on available frameworks – Google’s Material Design and Angular UI. With the goal of making the platform plain to understand users, we chose lean UI solutions rather than visual fireworks. 
  • DevOps. Implementing an effective CI/CD pipeline was one of our client’s most pressing requirements. With a seamless DevOps process, we delivered the software safer and faster in a structured environment, avoiding potential defects. 
  • Backend. Leaving behind the currently used PHP, we proceeded to work on a more stable framework – .NET/.NET Core. With its ability to run on multiple platforms, the migration was driven mainly by’s future business scale-up.
  • Frontend. Choosing easily configurable UI libraries as a basis for the design system helped us build a universal, quick and visually pleasing application in Angular.
  • Testing. We implemented unit and integration tests, and automated verification & validation processes.

A satisfying adventure in effective system development

Working on the Rachuneo project was not only an interesting adventure and a new challenge but also a great satisfaction - based on our knowledge and experience, we offered a flexible approach that resulted in effective cooperation in the development, operation and maintenance of the system.

Mateusz Janowicz

DevOps + IT Support Specialist at hero/dot

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Continuing our cooperation with, we will proceed to redesign the landing page according to modern standards, integrate it with the web application and introduce several new features to form a full-fledged and automated bill payment hub., we’re glad to have you on board!

Cloud infrastructure offers robust possibilities to businesses of all sizes. Just as it happened in’s case, we can build a scalable, reliable and secure solution that works just for you. Contact us today to estimate your project!