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Developing a Custom Management Application For a Football Governing Body

Digital transformation is the goal of many government organisations. One such example is the long-term cooperation between PZPN and hero/dot, leading to the development of a scalable system to automate complex management processes. Read the success story that stands as a testament that no technology challenge is too complex for us. 
Hero/dot case study
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ScopeDesktop management application, IT Support


PZPN (The Polish Football Association, org. Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej) is a governing body for the football industry in Poland. It plays a pivotal role in organizing all professional football leagues, developing grassroots communities, and promoting national teams in male football, female football, beach soccer, and futsal.

One of the main goals of PZPN is finding new football diamonds, and the federation goes to great lengths to achieve it. Since 2000, 2 million children have played in the "From Backyard to Stadium for the Tymbark Cup" tournament! As a part of the digital transformation of PZPN, TISA Group (hero/dot and TISA) introduced the Certification Program for football academies, standardizing the working methodologies and setting an innovative benchmark for academy operations.



TISA Group played a crucial role in developing the PZPN Certification Program for Football Academies – a digital solution that provides a system for automating complex data management processes within a single application. Establishing common standards, aiding local coaches' work, and disseminating best practices throughout the country supports PZPN’s mission to find and help young football talents. 

The system consisted of two applications that worked seamlessly to coordinate the registration process for football academies and to monitor finances.

  • CERT-ORG: allowed parents, coaches, PZPN employees, and government representatives to input, receive, and continuously monitor data.
  • FIN-ORG: calculated the financial funds transferred to football academies based on decisions made by the Polish government, providing an extensive analysis of the components involved. 


Meeting our client’s business objectives and success criteria has required our extensive expertise in project management. The project was conducted in six stages to meet the deadlines set by the ministry. Moreover, we developed an original methodology to cover the needs of all parties involved and provide support in areas such as:


  • commercialization, 
  • data privacy and security, 
  • GDPR compliance,
  • toolset choice,
  • development techniques, 
  • and organizational structure.




.NET / Backend Developers

Fronted Developers (Angular)

Full Stack Developers

Quality Assurance Specialists


Project Managers


UX/UI Designers


As the funding period started in challenging 2020, the Certification Program was developed with high attention to safety and flexibility of collaboration. Over 40 programmers and developers contributed to the 1.0 version of the system. Apart from managing the development process, we also handled the UX/UI design of the desktop management system. More than 1300 mockups have been created to achieve all the goals!

This complex desktop management application streamlined the automation of processes for PZPN, football academies, coaches, parents of young footballers, and government representatives. 

Since the launch of the application in 2020, we have continuously improved PZPN’s digital solution and provided them with IT Support services. After two years of usage, we conducted code refactoring to integrate the CERT-ORG and the CERT-FIN system, resulting in faster load times, resolved queue errors and simplification of the application. 

Our team utilized various technologies and programming languages, including the C# coding language and .NET Core (updated from version 5.0 to 6.0), as well as a few elements coded in T-SQL with the help of the Dapper repository. By doing so, we were able to take advantage of the latest features of the .NET platform, enabling us to swiftly refactor our code. Today, the application is cheaper to maintain and less prone to malfunction.


Everything is a matter of proper planning

To be Project Manager on PZPN Project is challenging as we have to meet tight deadlines and take care of the continuous development of the application with intensive support at the same time. However, everything is a matter of proper planning and anticipation of what we do and make the application better and better.

Piotr Hetzig

Project Manager

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We have successfully delivered a complex custom software project – a milestone in PZPN’s digital growth journey. By the end of 2020, the system had improved the functioning of 352 football academies, which together were granted more than 34 500 000 PLN. 34 725 documents have been sent by more than 12 000 users. 

If you’re challenged by a complex digital transformation challenge, look no further than hero/dot! Contact us today for more information and take a bold step towards technological excellence. 

football academies signed in by the end of 2020
34 500 000 PLN
34 725
documents sent
12 000