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Guarantee the highest quality of services through meticulous testing and test automation.

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Be at the forefront of delivering tech solutions and support us in creating great digital products. 

Project Management

Lead teams of professionals, ensuring their work surpasses our client's expectations.


Bridge the gap between business and technology by optimising technical solutions.


Drive the company's growth by generating new leads and ensuring client satisfaction.

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At hero/dot, we value transparency – and that's why we're here to share insights into the work model of our Business Support department and the tasks that lie ahead for you.


Proven, tested and up-to-date – that’s why we use these technologies on a daily basis.


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Kamil Rzeźnicki

Chief of Product at hero/dot
Working on this project was particularly exciting because of the nature of Share’s business model. We faced a challenge to deliver a production app in only 1.5 months, which was made possible thanks to the dedication and hard work of our team and great communication with the client. We communicated regularly with the client to ensure that we were meeting their needs and expectations, and we were always available to address any concerns that arose.