Powered by talent

What’s hero/dot’s superpower? It’s our amazing team of experts! Uncover exciting career opportunities and become one of our Heroes.

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Powered by innovation

Embark on a mission to create technology that matters with our Heroes in development, project management, or sales. Power up your career with us!

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Powered by passion

Ignite your creativity by joining the design, engagement, or marketing teams. Turn your ideas into digital creations as one of our Heroes.

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Powered by connection

Collaborate with our professionals in HR or administration. Team up with those dedicated to fostering connection and achieving growth.

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Core values

Talent not only powers but also inspires us. That’s why our company values reflect what's crucial to our employees.

We always recognize the potential in individuals who embrace new career opportunities – and we're not afraid to reward courage.
Our software agency is a welcoming space for connecting with dedicated professionals. Together, you can inspire each other with your commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.
With great power comes great responsibility. That's why hero/dot is committed to enhancing everyone's working experience by creating a fair and safe environment.
Customized contracts, personalized schedules, or the option to work remotely from the comfort of your own home – flexibility is key to a great and productive day.
We're a team of kind and outgoing people who value genuine connection. We encourage relationship building by providing spaces for everyone to interact.
Hero/dot is a software agency
where the doors are always open, both literally and figuratively. Our mission is to offer you
exciting career opportunities – empowering you
to carve out your own path.


Choose your personalised benefits package, thanks to hero/dot’s flexible approach. We’re just here to deliver.

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Leszek ZarembaCEO

Rumour has IT that Leszek's amount of energy is even bigger than his collection of sports medals.

Leszek loves to push his own limits while running marathons and triathlons, or taking part in cross-country skiing tournaments. Perhaps this is the reason he’s so good at finding areas to improve, and unique ways to optimise them.

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