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Decoding AI: Everything We’ve Learned from 6 Months of Workshops [FREE EBOOK]

Decoding AI: Everything We’ve Learned from 6 Months of Workshops [FREE EBOOK]

Anna Rózga

2024-04-244 min read

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For the past half-year, we've been mastering the integration of Artificial Intelligence into our daily workflows through monthly internal workshops. Now, we're thrilled to extend this knowledge to our community in the official Decoding AI Ebook!

About the Decoding AI Initiative

Let’s shed a light on what makes Decoding AI such a game-changer for our organization.

Where It All Began

In response to the AI boom of 2023, our CTO Kamil Rzeźnicki conceived the idea for a series of internal meetings focused on the practical aspects of Artificial Intelligence. At hero/dot, we understand that AI is rapidly evolving and reshaping the technological and business landscape, and we want to be at the forefront of these changes. Thus, the Decoding AI initiative was born.

Created by Our People, for Our People

Our first Decoding AI workshop, led by Kamil in October 2023, marked the beginning of our monthly gatherings. Each session delved into a different practical application of AI in the workplace, from Business Analysis to Front-End Development and Content Writing. Big shout-out to our team members who shared their experiences with this transformative technology!

Building Knowledge Together

After each "Decoding AI" meeting, we compile all the resources, links, and recommendations discussed and make them readily available in our Knowledge Base. Additionally, we've established a dedicated Slack channel for AI enthusiasts to engage in discussions, share articles, and stay updated on AI-related news.

Sharing with Our Community

Our knowledge-sharing efforts extend beyond our internal meetings. We distill insights and practical tips from each workshop into helpful articles shared on our blog. Furthermore, we regularly release AI-related posts, infographics, and more on our social media platforms.

Introducing the Decoding AI Ebook

To celebrate the half-year anniversary of the initiative, we’re thrilled to release the official Decoding AI Ebook! Consider it your ultimate handbook for mastering AI in your daily work, taking you from beginner to pro. You can download it for free below this article.

Decoding AI Official Ebook #1.png

Decoding AI Ebook Breakdown: Chapter by Chapter

Introduction to AI: An Non-Technical Overview

​​First things first, we aimed to level the playing field on basic AI knowledge. In the initial chapter titled “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: A Non-Technical Overview”, we:

  • Explain AI in simple terms.
  • Provide an overview of different AI types.
  • Dive into a brief history of Artificial Intelligence.

From Simple Tasks to Multi-Stage Processes

Chapters 2 and 3 focus on general tips, tricks, and best practices applicable to everyone, regardless of their expertise.

In Chapter 2, “Using AI in Your Daily Work: A Short Guide for Beginners”, we concentrate on utilizing AI tools for various work tasks, as well as:

  • Help you level up your ChatGPT skills with insights on prompting, plugins, and the temperature parameter.
  • Provide basic safety guidelines for AI use in the workplace.


On the other hand, Chapter 3, “10 Advanced ChatGPT Tips: A Worksheet to Level Up Your Skills”, goes beyond beginner-friendly advice. We aim to teach you how to improve entire organizational processes using the right AI tools, methods, and strategies through a 10-step worksheet.

Perspectives from Our Experts

With the basics covered, we delve into specific areas of expertise, catering to those in tech, business, or creative fields:

Chapter 4. “AI in Business Analysis. Perspectives from an Expert” by Filip Niedziela offers:

  • Four helpful prompting techniques to maximize ChatGPT’s potential.
  • Two detailed cases illustrating AI usage in business analysis.
  • A cheat sheet of Filip’s proven prompts. 


Chapter 5. “AI in App Development. Getting Started with GitHub Copilot” by Dima Bohyński covers:

  • An overview of GitHub Copilot key features.
  • Three best practices for maximizing GitHub Copilot’s efficiency.
  • A real-life example of AI-assisted app development: creating a cat image generator!


Chapter 6. “AI in Front-End Development. Master AI Code Generation” by Mirek Maruszewski provides a step-by- -step worksheet for crafting a basic HTML website with CSS using the GitHub Copilot extension in Visual Studio Code.

Chapter 7. “AI in Content Marketing. Notes on Achieving Creative Synergy” by Joachim Stelmach delves into 3 key ways AI is changing the content marketing landscape:

  • Content creation and personalization.
  • Transcription and editing.
  • SEO optimization.


Decoding AI Official Ebook #2.png

Without Further Ado… The Ebook!

We trust this handbook will serve as a valuable resource, providing you with insights and strategies to leverage Artificial Intelligence in your daily work. As technology evolves, feel empowered to embrace new opportunities and innovations in the workplace. Stay curious, stay inspired, and keep decoding AI!

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The Official Decoding AI Ebook

To celebrate the half-year anniversary of the Decoding AI initiative, we’re releasing the ultimate handbook for mastering AI in your daily work, taking you from beginner to pro.