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Custom Software Development Done the Hero Way

Custom Software Development Done the Hero Way

Anna Rózga

2023-07-276 min read
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How do software houses develop custom software? Although it may seem like a simple question, in reality custom software development projects are too multifaceted to provide you with a clear-cut answer. The process varies depending on numerous factors, such as the client's vision, functional requirements, and goals. Additionally, each software development company has its own distinct business processes, workflows, and a unique set of services.

That's precisely why in this article, we will focus on hero/dot's personal perspective as an experienced software agency with an in-house development team. If you keep reading till the end, you will learn:

  • what is custom software development;
  • what are its key advantages over off the shelf solutions;
  • how do we create custom software following a general 5-step process;
  • what is our unique approach to each of the steps – the Hero Factor.

Let's dive right in!

What Is Custom Developed Software?

The term custom software development refers to the process of designing and developing mobile applications, web applications, and websites that are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of a particular client. Scalable, secure, and perfectly suited to the company's needs, custom solutions provide you with a unique range of functionalities and features unavailable in off-the-shelf software. Let's explore some of the key advantages of developing custom software:



Your individual business objectives and functional requirements are diligently analysed in order to propose a suitable technological solution that will digitalise your company. Rest assured, you remain in complete control over the entire process, from initial Request For Proposal to the final User Acceptance Test.

Scalable and flexible

While off the shelf software often has limitations in terms of scalability and integration, customized software is created with digital growth in mind. As your business grows, a custom software solution can easily accommodate increased data, users, and functionalities by providing enhanced software integration, seamless scalability and general flexibility.

Technologically advanced

Custom software development requires a comprehensive toolbox of cutting-edge technologies, not to mention a highly-skilled team of specialists proficient in utilising them. Through the synergy of technology and expertise, developers craft unique features and functionalities that are bespoke to your requirements.

Visually stunning

Intuitive UX and masterfully crafted UI enhances user engagement, boosts conversion rates, and enables your brand to maintain a consistent digital presence. Custom software development wouldn't be complete without a one-of-a-kind user interface that's not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Offering competitive advantage

Whether it's through delivering a personalised experience to your customers or optimising business processes for your staff, custom software offers you an edge over your competitors. While your rivals rely on existing software solutions, invest in personalised technological solutions that will make you stand out on the market.

Now that we have our bases covered, let's explore hero/dot's 5-step custom software development process.

Step One: Pre-Implementation Analysis

During the analysis stage, our business analysts immerse themselves in your specific technical and business requirements. This comprehensive approach allows us to present you with a customized and detailed strategy that outlines the steps needed to achieve the desired end goal.

The Hero Factor

At hero/dot, we conduct an in-depth pre-implementation analysis that goes beyond the initial Request for Proposal (RFP). The goal is to build your vision of a system without code

To begin with, our skilled business analysts diligently identify the project requirements, technology stack, user needs, as well as any constraints or limitations that may impact the project. Based on this thorough exploration, they prepare a detailed report that encompasses the project scope, recommendations, and insights. During the next development stages, this document serves as a blueprint for effective resource allocation, risk management, and more.

Key Takeaway

A comprehensive pre-implementation analysis elevates your IT project from functional to truly exceptional, providing a clear roadmap for the entire software development process.


Step Two: Design

Next, our design team creates visually stunning and functional hi-fi wireframes of your website, web or mobile app. Completed with excellent UX- and content writing, they serve as a point of reference for the final user interface.

The Hero Factor

Hero/dot is a software agency, which means we combine the capabilities of a typical software development company and a creative agency. In other words, we blend our development, design, and engagement experts' multidisciplinary skill set into one exceptional custom software solution.

We firmly believe that custom software development is a team effort. Our design and engagement experts work closely together to breathe life into your branding, product design, and content. After you review and approve the final design, our software development team brings it all together in the next stage of the process. As a result of this smooth, real-time collaboration, we cover all your product-related needs in one place, saving time and money as well.

Key Takeaway

As an all-in-house software agency, hero/dot fosters collaboration between designers, engagement experts, and developers, to deliver you a top quality digital product.



Step Three: Development

During the development stage, we connect the dots between business, creativity and technology through the use of various languages, frameworks, and management methodologies. Our team, comprising skilled developers and experienced project managers, diligently works towards delivering a bespoke software solution that surpasses your expectations.

The Hero Factor

SPARK is the secret ingredient to creating custom software with ease and agility. This project management methodology seamlessly combines the flexibility of agile development with the security of waterfall. In essence, SPARK enables us to foster productive agile practices, including iterative development, continuous refinement, and round-based task planning. At the same time, this hybrid approach ensures a sense of safety and control associated with waterfall, thanks to a 75% minimum declared scope for each round.

Key Takeaway

By striking a perfect balance between flexibility and security, SPARK methodology empowers us to deliver the final product within the established timeframe and allocated budget.


Step Four: QA & Testing

Prior to the launch of your tailor-made software, it undergoes a rigorous testing phase. We meticulously conduct a range of tests, including functional, performance, and security testing, to proactively identify and resolve all potential issues before they pose an obstacle.

The Hero Factor

At hero/dot, testers and QA engineers remain involved throughout the entire project lifecycle. We utilise manual testing to check if the product's features align with real-life user's expectations, ensuring a five-star user experience in the process. Additionally, test automation enhances the speed and accuracy of time-consuming tasks that are prone to human error. Following bug fixes and error solving, we ask you to participate in a user acceptance test (UAT). The development process is considered completed only when we receive positive feedback.

Key Takeaway

With comprehensive approach to QA & Testing, we make sure your bespoke software is as error-free as possible in order to meet the expectations of the client and their users.


Step Five: Deployment & Maintenance

Once the product is deemed ready for launch, we initiate the deployment process, making it accessible to your target users on a dedicated server. However, our commitment doesn't end there. Through continuous software maintenance and strategic marketing efforts, we ensure your product reaches its intended audience and stays up-to-date with the latest technology.

The Hero Factor

When it comes to custom software development, we go beyond technical excellence and incorporate elements of business and marketing strategy to our projects, taking them to the next level. With proper user engagement initiatives, your digital product will swiftly reach its intended audience. Once we gather customer feedback, we use this invaluable information to identify opportunities to incorporate new profitable features or tweaks to the user experience. This positive feedback loop creates a powerful flywheel effect, driving long-term success.

Key Takeaway

We firmly believe that consistent, incremental effort in software maintenance and user engagement optimization result in significant progress over time, ensuring your product provides non-stop business value.



Custom software development is a complex and multifaceted process that varies depending on the client's requirements and the software development company's individual approach. At hero/dot, we strive to create exceptional digital products by putting a unique spin on each stage of the development process, from pre-implementation analysis to launch and beyond. If you're in search of a reliable software development company, contact us today to discuss how we can support your digital transformation journey with a customized technological solution.

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